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Carol Cogswell

Principal Investigator

PI Carol Cogswell is a Research Professor in Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at CU Boulder with more than 30 years experience in optics and computer image processing. Prof. Cogswell also has past private sector experience in Colorado (2000-08) when she split time between CU and CDM Optics, a startup company in Boulder that

developed novel methods for extending the depth of field of optical imaging systems.

Narumanchi Venkatalakshmi Vyjaya

Graduate Student Researcher

I'm interested in studying aberrations in optical systems but there is a lot more I'd like to learn about as well. I like computational work a lot. 

I'm a book worm.

Jiun-Yann Yu

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a visual-art/imaging enthusiast from Taiwan. I enjoyed doing pencil sketch when I was little, and soon found myself taking photos of whatever looks interesting. During my graduate research in a cell biology lab, I started to focus my research on three-dimensional biological imaging.

Wokring in the MOISL group is quite a joyful experience to me, as I can freely explore the possibility of combining new (and old) optical and computational skills, and try to make a simple and powerful three-dimensional imaging tool for observing tiny little things that are alive.

Simeng Chen

Graduate Student Researcher

My main research interest lies in designing point spread functions with matching signal processing algorithm for super-resolution 3D fluorescent imaging of continuous objects. I also work on increasing the speed of image acquisition for potential live cell imaging.

Jian Xing

Graduate Student Researcher

I'm interested in the combined power of optical system design and digital signal processing.

I'm a nerd.

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